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Magnet positions/strengths/apertures and MAD files

LHC optics  ( LHC optics with link to /afs)  (old pages LHC optics )

SPS optics

PS optics

PS Booster

LEIR optics

AD optics

ELENA optics

  2. LINAC4   ( LINAC4 to LT)

  3. BT/BTP/BTM   ( From BOOSTER to PS and BTM )


  5. LEIR lines (From LINAC3 to LEIR)

  6. TT2   ( From PS to SPS, AD or nTOF )

  7. TT10 ( From PS to SPS; via TT2 )

  8. FTA   (From TT2 to AD Target Area)

  9. 6000  (From the AD Target Area to the AD )

  10. FTN   (From TT2 to nTOF)

  11. FT61 (From PS to EAST hall)

  12. TT20 ( From SPS to North Area - targets: T2/T4/T6 and lines H2/H4/H6/H8)

  13. TT40 ( From SPS to LHC or Gran Sasso )

  14. TT41 ( From SPS to Gran Sasso; via TT40 )

  15. TT66 (To High Radiation Material Test Area)

  16. TI2    ( From SPS to LHC)

  17. TI8    ( From SPS to LHC; via TT40 )    

  18. ELENA transfer lines   (From ELENA to experiments)

                                                                                                                                           TT60/TT70/TT1/TT6 drawing         Install CERN - HPGL Viewer 5.43 from CMF

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