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Quadrupole_Catalogue (Q200, Q150, Q120, Q120A, Q120B, Q100, Q82, Q80, Q75, Q75A, Q74, Q50, Q50A, Q50B, Q42, Q40, Q40A, Q30, Q30A, Q30B, Q25, Q22) from S.Gillardoni

PS magnets (PS magnets with different naming conventions )


EAST AREA magnets old version [See also FT61N-QDE01 (Q120.01B)]

NORTH AREA magnets (Bend, Quad, Trim)

Experimental area magnets from Lau Gatignon

PS magnets

 CERN magnet group:

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SPS drawings:  file://///  (e.g. file:///// )

PS_Complex drawings: file:///// Drawings/Complexe_PS

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