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Controle points faisceaux Linac4  Civil engineering group

Controle position tunnel  (DWG)  Civil engineering group

Linac4   Civil engineering group

reseau_GC_1008  T.Dobers

ControlCalcNote  ControlCalcNote_v2 Civil engineering parameters for LINAC4 M.Jones


Madx-macro conveter   M.Esraqui  (old version Madx-macro conveter.xlsm )

TRAVEL input file to converter(BHZ20), MADX output file from converter(BHZ20), Survey(BHZ20)

TRAVEL input file to converter(DUMP), MADX output file from converter(DUMP), Survey(BHZ20)

LINAC4 injection to PSB; compensation of edge focusing effects       M.Scholz

BHZ20 for LINAC4, BHZ20 magnet measurementsBHZ20 beam profile

Update of the Linac4-PSB Transfer Line. A.L. L.H.

Quadrupole strengths A.Lombardi

Quadrupole design (and calibration curves) M.Buzio, S. Kasaei, L. Fiscarelli

The Linac4 Project   Lombardi, Alessandra

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