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pictures  (S. Mataguez)


nTOF drawings:

nTOFnTOF (sector 5) nTOF (sector 1), nTOF (sector 2)

TS/SU Layout file - MERIT


BHZ377(VC), BHZ378(VC), VPI31, QDE380,VC,VC, BHZ403(VC), VC, BHZ406(VC,VC), BHZ409(VC,VC), VVS411, VPI413, MTV414(VC), VCQFO415(VC),

VC, VC, VPI423, STP426, VC, STP428, VC, QDE430, VC, VC1, VC2, QFO435(VC),

DHZ436(VC), VC3, VPG443, VC4, QDE450, DVT451(VC), VC5, VC6, VPI453,

MTV454(VC), VC8, BHZ456(VC), BHZ459(VC), BHZ462(VC,VC), QFO465(VC), VC9, TR468(VC),

VC10, UWB474(VC), VC11, QDE480, VC12, MTV484(VC), VC13, VC14 (VC15)

nTOF design report

Program to calculate currents, when the strengths are known  E.Benedetto

Difference between MERIT and nTOF sequence files

nTOF review board

nTOF commissioning 2008 (L.Gatignon)


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